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Who Baild-on the river? Not us!

Who Baild-on the river? Not us!

The dream team

What do you like to see when you go for a stroll around your local stretch of river? A willow tree dancing in the breeze? Dragonflies, wagtails, perhaps a kingfisher? How about washing machines, shopping trollies and a sodden mattress? We didn’t think so..

Sharing the load

That’s why organisations including Aire Rivers Trust, Bradford Council and the Environment Agency came together this week for a large scale clean-up operation at Baildon Bridge, Shipley. Hosted by River Stewardship Company staff, the volunteer session saw endless streams of litter and debris being pulled from the river and its banks. Everything but the kitchen sink (literally) was pulled out from the waters which sadly fall victim to fly tipping as well as general littering and vandalism. Volunteers shared the weight of the work between them and enjoyed getting their hands dirty for a good cause.

Better out than in!



Rivers full of litter not only look ugly and uninviting, but they create a hazardous environment for wildlife and those who enjoy the waters. Debris can also contribute to flooding when it is left to build up and blocks the natural flow of the water.




It is thanks to the hard work, dedication and compassion of volunteers that our rivers receive regular TLC and remain enjoyable places to visit. We’d like to praise everybody who helped to improve this habitat by truly getting stuck in!

Peace at last. Photo:Shelley Richmond

If the thought of donating a little of your spare time and energy to improving the environment sounds like something you could get on board with, call us on 0114 354 0012 or email for volunteering opportunities near you.

Help get Sheffield’s best spots on the ‘Shmap’!

Help get Sheffield’s best spots on the ‘Shmap’!

IWUN (Improving Wellbeing through Urban Nature) have initiated a new community science project and are looking for city folk to get map-happy! ‘Shmapped’ is a new smartphone app which lets users log their thoughts on their favourite green and built up spaces in Sheffield. Our family at Friends of the Blue Loop are already actively involved and looking for participants to take part in a guided walk through Sheffield on September 16th (time and meeting place TBC).

Why Shmapped?

Well, the IWUN are looking at the relationship between wellbeing and urban living, whether certain urban designs and spaces have a more positive impact on people than others. The information gathered from this innovative study will be used to promote positive practises in urban planning and development to improve the quality of city life.

What’s in it for me?

In addition to helping improve the lives of your fellow city-dwellers (and yourself!), taking part in Shmapped also enters you into a generous prize draw, giving you the chance to win up to £500 in vouchers! The app is totally anonymous and free to use.

How do I get involved?

Getting started is easy, simply type ‘Shmapped’ into your phone’s App Store and install the application. There’s a quick health and wellbeing survey to fill out initially and users will then be asked to make a daily entry for 30 days. The entry is simply mapping a place you have visited with a quick photograph.

Photo credit: IWUN

Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust are also running a series of guided-walks and other events for those wanting to take part.


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Watch this space and keep checking our events calendar for RSC involvement

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