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New Funding for Blue Loop Troop

New Funding for Blue Loop Troop

The Friends of the Blue Loop has secured over £18 000 of funding to further improve one of Sheffield’s best loved wildlife havens. The funding has been awarded by Sheffield Town Trust, the Graves Trust, the Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank and Awards for All. Hellen Hornby from the River Stewardship Company who ran the original Blue Loop Project said “this funding will ensure the group can continue to deliver their own sessions building on the improvements to the Blue Loop that have taken place over the last 3 years”. During the last year of the project the Blue Loop Troop involved 122 people who gave up over 130 days of free time which equates to over £19000 of in kind contributions.

They will continue to meet every Wednesday and on one Saturday a month to keep the footpaths free from overgrown vegetation and litter, fill pot holes, remove graffiti and paint lock gates so that local walkers, cyclists, anglers and boaters can continue to enjoy the ever improving natural landscape and the return of charismatic species such as kingfishers, herons and otters.

The team are also excited to commence a new project to inject some colour into the landscape through the creation of wildflower beds along the river and canal with habitat piles for small mammals as well as bird and insect boxes to give our much loved wildlife a boost.

Volunteer co-ordinator, Victoria Wright, said “We are a very diverse team who are always grateful to welcome new volunteers to carry out practical conservation on the canal and river banks”. We work strategically to manage the work of the organisation, promote the group at events and through social media and provide administrative support to deliver all the sessions. We offer fantastic training opportunities to upskill our volunteers and enable the group to carry out conservation work effectively.

If you would like to volunteer with us then please contact us at or call 0114 354 0012 for further info.

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