From commercial contracts to private homeowners, we offer a high quality, comprehensive tree management service to meet your needs.

Proactive Management

In conjunction with the Environment Agency (EA), we’ve developed a unique risk-based scoring system to identify and deal with threats before they cause issues.

Reactive Management

Our team responds quickly to incidents to remove fallen trees from waterways safely and efficiently.

Routine Management

Management of cleared areas to provide a variety of habitats whilst reducing the overpopulation of large trees.

A green approach to tree management

We pride ourselves on providing tree management solutions which are environmentally sensitive, and strive to minimise our impact on local wildlife and habitats whenever possible.

Specialist aboriculture consultancy

Our team works across sites on both major and minor flood defence projects, flood aleviation initiatives, emergency flood defence reponse and flood defence maintenance for local authorities, riparian landowners and developers.

Tree Management Services

  • Tree Surveys & Inspections
  • Coppicing & Pollarding
  • Felling & Pruning
  • Aerial Tree Work
  • Crane Work
  • Stump Removal & Grinding

Why work with us

Good for the environment

Everything we do has biodiversity and sustainability its core for habitats, flood protection and places we can enjoy.

Good for people

Surplus from every project is reinvested into our volunteer programme, training the next generation of river stewards.

Good for businesses

Partnering with us means your organisation’s contribution to social and environmental improvements are covered.
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Lower Don Valley Tree Works - Sheffield City Council
December 8, 2021
As part of the Sheffield Lower Don Valley Flood Defence Project, we have carried out a phased, proactive programme of tree management.
Lower Don Valley Tree Works - Sheffield City Council
Emergency Tree Work - Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
After a period of strong winds, a number of trees had fallen into the River Aire in Kirkstall, Leeds, some causing an obstruction across the width of the river.
Emergency Tree Work - Leeds Flood Alleviation Scheme
Tree Management - Network Rail
Preventing at-risk crack willow trees from falling into the river channel and causing blockages upstream of Leeds station.
Tree Management - Network Rail
Woodland Thinning - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust
In March 2019, River Stewardship Company carried out vital thinning works across 3 woodlands as part of the SUNRISE Project for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.
Woodland Thinning - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

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