River Steward trainees talk sustainability with scheme sponsor Gripple

A River Stewardship Skills Scheme session recently took place at Gripple Ltd, Riverside Works where our trainees met with Tasha Lyth (Sustainability Manager) and Gary Plane (Riverside Team Leader).

As the key sponsor of our first Sheffield-based skills scheme, it was an great opportunity for the team at Gripple and our stewards to get to know each other, as over the coming weeks they will be working together on a host of skills-boosting initiatives as part of the ongoing learning programme, from river clean-up days with Gripple colleagues to CV building workshops for our stewards.

The partnership with Gripple Ltd means our trainee stewards are gaining invaluable first-hand experience of a company who are wholeheartedly re-investing back into our waterways as they push towards a Climate Positive future, and an inspirational insight into the environmental sector whilst they work towards the skills and qualifications needed to forge a future in river management and conservation.

Tasha, Sustainability Manager at Gripple Ltd was at hand to meet the river steward trainees attending the first workplace-based session:  

It was great to show the trainees around and see how they are getting on with the scheme, also fantastic to see so many of them. We gave the trainees an introduction to our sustainability strategy and explained why we had chosen to sponsor the scheme as part of our ‘contribute’ pillar followed by a tour of our riverside premises.
Contribution to local communities is a key element of our sustainability strategy, helping upskill young people in Sheffield through the scheme really supports this.

The work undertaken as part of the River Stewardship Skills Scheme will help bring new life to the waterways and sees the relationship between industry and Sheffield rivers come full circle.

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